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Sex educators Spokane Valley times

More than people protested a statewide comprehensive sex education bill outside the Spokane Public Schools administration building Wednesday afternoon in conjunction with a planned state Capitol protest. Alisse Metge, who helped organize the protest, said she hopes their action will inspire Gov.

Jay Inslee to veto the bill approved by the state Senate over the weekend. The legislation calls for age-appropriate courses to teach about affirmative consent and the consequences of sexual activity, according to Sen. Students would be required to take one sexual health information course approved by the state Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction between kindergarten and third grade, another between fourth and fifth grade, two between grades six and eight and two more between grades nine and A Facebook group of local parents worried about the bill has grown to nearly 4, members since it was created about a week ago, Metge said.

Some who attended the protest pulled their children out of school for the afternoon to attend. Metge said the sex education her other two children are receiving in the Central Valley School District is effective. Ruth Metge, an East Valley High School freshman, said she has experienced how detailed instruction about intercourse can lead to inappropriate hallway chitchat that can be quite distracting.

Instead of providing such distracting information, she said schools should only teach abstinence when it comes to sex. Her mother said school districts, not state officials, should choose a curriculum with parental input that reflects the general values of the community. Parents who approve of most of the curriculum could then opt their children out of the portions they believe are too graphic.

She acknowledged that not all families have the same values, and there are public health concerns related to sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy for those not choosing abstinence. Right now, her young children are learning about anatomy and appropriate touching. Any talk about sex should come later and in the home, she said.

Birds and Bees: Rethinking Relationship and Sexuality Education - Meghna Mahambrey - TEDxColumbus

The journalists of The Spokesman-Review are a part of the community. They live here. They work here. They care. You can help keep local journalism strong right now with your contribution.

Thank you. Matt Bergman knows the pain and anger that patients with mesothelioma feel. The Spokesman-Review Newspaper Local journalism is essential. Sign up.The victim at the time was only 3 years old.

According to court documents, Torres went sledding at Valley Mission Park that year with two children he lived with. One of them reported seeing Torres with his pants down, raping the three year old.

Documents show that doctors examined the 3-year-old and found no evidence of rape. The only physical evidence deputies had, would sit untested for five years.

The witness at the park said Torres raped them seven years earlier, when they were 5. That victim reported the rape several times in Torres also passed a polygraph. Then inlaws changed. Old rape kits had to be tested. The evidence was sent to a lab in June of It took more than a year for the results to come back.

It was compared to the DNA found in the underwear. Torres matched with a statistical probability of 21 nonillion: A number with 30 zeroes. Torres denied raping the children when interviewed by deputies.

He was arrested February 28 and faces two counts of child rape and child molestation. Torres remains in jail, his trial is set for July. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. Contests Newsletters Apps. Watch Now. Spokane Valley man accused of child rape 13 years ago just now facing charges May 26, PM.

Posted: May 26, PM. Updated: May 27, AM. Popular Articles 'A lot of years of hard work, gone': Spokane family loses retirement savings during burglary.State Rep.

Truth-tester: No, sex ed will not be taught to kindergartners

Shea has embraced far-right conspiracy theories, mingled with militia groups, visited right-wing activists who seized a wildlife refuge in Oregon inand led a push to convert eastern Washington into a 51st state, called Liberty. He represents a deeply conservative district that keeps electing him because he is effective in promoting his business-friendly agenda.

More coverage of Washington state Rep. Matt Shea House releases supporting documents for investigative report that concluded Washington Rep. Shea planned domestic terrorism Washington Rep.

‘Why do we need to change?’ Concerned parents protest state comprehensive sex ed bill

Matt Shea engaged in domestic terrorism against U. Matt Shea turned on the controversial lawmaker Leaked emails show Washington state Rep. Matt Shea endorsed training children to fight in holy war Some corporate donors turn away from Washington Rep.

Matt Shea after controversies Washington state Rep. Shea, a lawyer, has said the document was merely a summary of sermon notes based on the Old Testament and that he was not promoting violence. Cummings said the attention appeared to trigger a wave of small contributions to his long-shot campaign for the legislative seat.

Shea also is facing backlash from some of his donors. Warren, Rather, we focus on discussions related to local stories by our own staff. You can read more about our community policies here.By Wilson Criscione. H alfway through the public comment period during last night's Spokane Public Schools board meeting, Onnika Merkle got up from her chair.

F or those who need a quick reminder of the controversy surrounding Spokane's sex ed, it starts with the Washington state's Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction passing new standards in T he sex ed discussion won't be done anytime soon in Spokane.

Sex educators Spokane Valley times

Sex ed isn't just something taught in high school. It's taught starting in fourth grade through middle school. All those curriculum materials are outdated too. Spokane Public Schools has already started reviewing its middle school curriculum. Then, it's on to elementary school. Bybee says the district will follow the same process as it did with high school.

Bybee says the district has learned a lot from the entire process and can hopefully apply those lessons to the future. Specifically, she says it's important that everyone has enough time to review sex ed materials before they go on to the next step in the process. And it's important that the curriculum be flexible. Though the Get Real curriculum was nixed, the local Planned Parenthood chapter calls this curriculum a "step in the right direction. Spokane was one of the first districts to begin an overhaul of its sex education following the adjustment of state standards.

Washington's primary election: Matt Shea dropped out, but he's still the center of attention in the 4th Legislative District. The U. Kevin Morrison resigns from Spokane Public Schools board for 'personal reasons'. As Spokane schools superintendent Shelley Redinger leaves Spokane, the teachers union is eager for new leadership. Between high decibel levels and police inaction, tensions are building between Spokane Planned Parenthood and the pop-up church outside. Washington puts moratorium on evictions, expands unemployment, hiring for Spokane Valley call center.

Workers to break ground on Hillyard low-income apartment complex in March. National Teacher of the Year Mandy Manning organizes "teach-in" to protest child detention.

Do Spokane's warming centers provide enough shelter to enforce the sit-lie ordinance? Submit an Event. Browse all Film Times.

As people clamor to get outside, outdoor recreation businesses recover.White nationalism has been on the rise across the U. The neo-Nazi group was based near Hayden Lake, Idaho, starting in the s, and eventually was bankrupted in a lawsuit brought by local activists and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Its compound was auctioned off and supporters dispersed. But a series of incidents in recent weeks show that far-right sentiments never really left the conservative region.

In the county that is home to Hayden Lake, for instance, Republicans last month passed a measure expressing support for U. The center does not track how many members belong to each group. Keegan Hankes, a researcher for the Southern Poverty Law Center, said the number of hate groups is growing across the U. The human rights group counted active hate groups in the U. These new far-right activists are more scattered than those who used to gather at the Aryan Nations compound by the dozens, experts say.

Pettibone, 26, said Sellner wants to marry her and live in Post Falls, Idaho. Sellner is a leading figure in the extremist Identitarian movement, which espouses a white nationalist ideology and has swept over Europe amid an influx of migrants and refugees.

Block Group 1, Spokane, WA

But Sellner denies involvement in the attack. Despite his background, the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee passed a resolution urging the federal government to allow Sellner into the United States.

Matt Shea of Spokane Valley, be reprimanded for a history of far-right speech and activities. Though Shea did not propose violence, he did not speak up when violence was proposed, Democrats said. State House Republican Leader J. Wilcox of Yelm responded that Shea should not be punished before investigations are completed. The House, led by Democrats, will conduct an independent investigation of the lawmaker. Shea, who rarely speaks to reporters, did not return numerous messages from the Associated Press.

He has served in the state House sinceintroducing bills to criminalize abortion and roll back gun laws and pushing for eastern Washington to secede from the rest of the state. In a third case, a nationwide arrest warrant was issued in May for a Stevens County, Wash. Stevens County detectives believe he was responsible for a series of threatening letters delivered to members of the group. The letters purported to come from a Mexican cartel and demanded large sums of cash in exchange for protection.

Hoover, the Gonzaga professor, said it is a mistake to consider all of the above as separate incidents. Get all the day's most vital news with our Today's Headlines newsletter, sent every weekday morning. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. The Associated Press is an independent, not-for-profit news cooperative headquartered in New York City.

Isaias nears virus-hit Florida after lashing the Bahamas. Survivors of slain Ohio-based Marines mark grim anniversary. An Ohio-based Marine company among the hardest-hit of the war in Iraq has canceled a year reunion amid coronavirus restrictions. Ransomware feared as possible saboteur for November election. Maine agriculture authorities are asking residents who receive unsolicited packages of seeds from China in the mail to avoid opening them and contact the state.

Hot Property. About Us.Parents respond to p State lawmakers in the House passed a bill on Thursday making sex ed a requirement for all grades. Add to Chrome. Become a publisher About Mission Careers Contact. Sign in. News Break App.

Parents respond to proposed changes to sex ed curriculum in Washington schools Spokane, WA. Barker House Senate. Dave Nichols: Mariners pandemic opener has different feel, but still baseball. Of course, I jumped at the chance. But not without reservation. A friend from high school with a brutal headache and fever for days. A professor at my alma mater whose year-old son experienced intense levels of fatigue. A Spokane couple in their 80s whose family has rallied round them as they battle weakness and cognitive challenges.

There were no bugs buzzing around the lights in the parking lot. How long had they been gone?. Back at his Spokane home, McCrea Three newly graduate police officers enter a whole new world. The class was not only the largest group to enter the academy in decades but also one of the most diverse.

Spokane school board approves ninth grade sex ed, signaling the beginning of sex ed reform

The two-story, 57,square-foot building would be on the north side of campus at W. Fort George Wright Drive. James Griffin, 60, was climbing up a ladder with a bucket of dirt while digging a well at his place near Garden Springs. He lost his balance and fell backward, all the way to the bottom of the foot well. And there he stayed for 52 hours. He later told Brad Marek takes one-stroke lead after second round of Lilac City Invitational.Login Register Your Non-Profit.

Public schools teach a very comprehensive sex education curriculumexposing children to graphic sexual materials that many parents find objectionable. People are not discouraged from becoming safe crackers by learning how to manipulate tumblers in the dark.

They avoid a life of crime because they are taught from infancy that crime is evil. The only way society has ever found to discourage misconduct is to label it clearly as either a crime or sin, or both, and then punish it accordingly. Then, the superintendent of schools concluded, "Only when we adults, in our homes, our churches, our businesses, decide that we are going to set a decent example and demand decent behavior from the young, will the children start growing up to become the kind of people we want them to be, and should have been ourselves.

Sex educators Spokane Valley times

Parents have a right to view and question the methods of those who guide the education of their children. Parents should provide a meaningful discussion with their children before they turn the age of 8 and before they hear it from others. Parents and teachers can teach children to "Say NO to all abuse, and tell someone!

One in 4 girls, and 1 in 6 boys, will be sexually abused by their 18th birthday. Only 1 in 10 sexually abused children tell someone. Every 6 minutes a child is sexually assaulted in the United States.

Erin Merryn was sexually abused as a child, beginning at age 7. Children must be taught to tell a trusted adult if anyone touches their private parts. It requires age-appropriate personal body safety and sexual abuse prevention curriculum for pre-K through 12th grade students in public schools.

Washington State Representative Gina McCabe has been working on Erin's Law legislation, which relates to public schools implementing a prevention-oriented child sex-abuse program.

Sex educators Spokane Valley times

This came to her late in the session, so instead of getting a bill through the legislative process, she is looking at funding options in the budget to establish an Erin's Law Task Force.

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